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Dinner Taper Candle


Dinner by candlelight is back on the table! Lucid Dinner Candles, with our Universal Adapter, fit into nearly every candleholder. And because our candles never burn down or drip wax, you avoid the mess and frustration from traditional wax candles. A real flame provides brilliant glow. Start enjoying candlelight every night!  Due to popular demand, we also offer the custom made liimited supply of 8 inch tall natural or black dinner candles. Perfect for sconces and candelabra with shorter chimneys, the 8 inch custom dinner candle features the same flexible adapter that the 11 inch does and fits securely into nearly any candle holder. Reservoir is same depth as 11 inch dinner candle and burns 5 - 6 hours before refill

Available in natural or black and in 11" tall standard size or 8"tall custom sizes; please note custom labor adds a additional cost.

  • Everlasting, never drips, melts down or burns unevenly
  • Includes Universal Adapter to fit most candle holders
  • Burns 5 to 6 hours between refills with Lucid Liquid
  • Clean, easy and safe
  • Packaged in our signature Lucid gift box
  • Lucid Liquid sold separately from candles
  • Dinner Candles sold individually
  • Proudly made in the USA

How does it work?

1. Remove candle top
2. Fill with Lucid Liquid
3. Light wick and enjoy!

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