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Why Moss & Embers?  

It began with the name. It is such a key element and it needed to be meaningful because it would drive everything! The name needed to tell the story of what we are trying to do in terms of style, brand, purpose and motivation. It had to speak not just to who we are but to what we want this business to be about. MOSS represents our tremendous love of nature and animals, the feeling of tranquility, harmony, great energy and good vibes; you know, all the things that promote wellness and healing that nature provides as well as a desire to bring THAT feeling of the outdoors INSIDE. EMBERS naturally evokes images of fire, passion, the desire to create beautiful, nurturing spaces encompassing all of the intangibles: comfortable, warm, happy, a peaceful, relaxing environment where you can be you completely; the idea that home is so much more than just a structure. It’s the place where memories are made. 

“People with great passion can make the impossible happen.” 

People will often tell you that you’ll just “know” what to do when thinking about a big life decision; whether it be to follow a dream, decide about a career change or new job, relationship, or a move to a new town. Well, we know this to be true from firsthand experience though people often forget to mention that you do have to listen to your heart and trust your intuition; those subtle signs and nudges urging you to keep forging ahead, continually appearing, guiding you to the path. In the summer of 2018, those nudges, signs and feelings were strong; stronger than they have ever been and we tuned in. Like most everyone who follows a dream, we had plenty of nerves and fear of the unknown; still, we believed in ourselves and took the plunge to start on this incredible journey. It has been nothing short of amazing, inspiring and magical. The further we go, the more we know we really are on the right path! 

This website, and our brick & mortar located in Burns, TN, represents a tremendous amount of hard work, thought, effort, time and sacrifice but also so many endless possibilities! We put so much heart and love into every single decision we make; we think – and often overthink – every single detail because we truly care and really want to build something incredible because YOU deserve that. We are humbled and excited to introduce you to what we believe is something special and it’s not just the beautiful products, hand selected by us on our shelves, not just the artisanal works by amazing local and regional or specialty vendors or the special one of a kind vintage finds we search high and low for, but it’s also the shared sense of purpose to help each person find and most importantly embrace their true sense of style without apology!  

Thank you for all the positive, supportive energy and creativity you inspire! Together let’s build beautiful things!