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Yarnnakarn Ceramics | Rustic Pitchers & Jars


Handmade stoneware pitchers available in two styles: low and wide or tall and narrow; both feature a handle and spout. Perfect for serving drinks or as a vase! Charming creamer is the perfect size to serve cream with tea or coffee or can be used as a mini vase! The rustic mini canister is perfect for storing small items or bulk goods in the kitchen or bathroom.

Romantic era inspired pottery crafted by artisans seeking to preserve their craft. This entirely ceramic line is influenced by the simple beauty of the natural world. Shaped from natural clays gathered from various locations around Thailand and mixed into one recipe.  The story of each piece is told in details like signature touches and textures – slight variations of forms, colors, and textures may occur.
Size: Low 5.75" dia. w/spout  x 4.125"H (w/handle 7.5") | Tall 4.5" dia. w/spout  x 6.5"H (w/handle 5")  Creamer 2.75" dia. x 2.5" | Mini Canister 2.36" dia. x 2.95"