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Yarnnakarn Ceramics "Flying Bird III" by Yarnnakarn


Handmade flying bird is a decorative piece to be mounted on a wall or displayed tabletop. Hardware not included.

Rustic fairytale-like motifs come to life in the modern ceramic art of Bangkok, family-run Yarnnakarn Art & Craft Studio.

Founded by Thai ceramic designer Karin Phisolyabut, the studio presents an enchanting treasure chest of objets d’art, tableware, plant pots, trays, terrariums, candlesticks and much more. Inspired by nature, ocean life and the human form, Yarnakarn creations marry childhood nostalgia with a fresh, contemporary style. Made using experimental techniques and materials, a special blend of natural clays sourced from various sites in Thailand, and non-toxic glazes, every Yarnnakarn creation is a one-of-a-kind work of art, each with its own unique hue, form, and texture.

Romantic White

Romantic era inspired pottery crafted by artisans seeking to preserve their craft. Made by imaginative artists with an innate ability to create seemingly historic pieces that feel alive. Frames and dishware embellished with botanic accents, tabletop decor showcasing fauns, rabbits, and rhino bugs. This entirely ceramic line is influenced by the simple beauty of the natural world.

Natural clays are gathered from various locations in Thailand and mixed into one recipe.  The story of each individual piece is told in details like signature touches and textures – slight variations of forms, colors, and textures may occur.

Dimensions: 4.25"L x 5"W x 1.5"

Hand Wash Only

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