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Wireless Charging Pad


Keep your phone at 100% with the Wireless Charging Pads. Wireless, effortless, and super fast charging. Simply place your phone on the plugged in pad, charge & go! Keep one at your nightstand and desk so your phone stays fully charged all day. Fashionable designs give your home and office space a pop of fun! Compatible with Qi-enabled devices, including newer iPhone and Samsung models.

Stand out features:

  • Ultra slim, lightweight design
  • Wireless output: 10 WATT fast charge enabled
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Charges all Qi-enabled devices. Check full compatibility of models in the compatibility section below.
  • Charges through most standard cases
  • LED light indicator confirms charge initiation upon contact
  • Includes one USB cord to plug pad into wall piece or computer


  • iPhone8 and newer generations
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 and newer generations
  • Many other Qi-enabled phones. Check your phone model for compatibility.

Details & Dimensions:

  • Size: 4” diameter x 0.25” thickness, USB cord is 31.5” L
  • USB power cable included. Plug one end into wireless pad and the other into wall piece or computer
  • LED light indicator confirms charge initiation upon contact. The blue light around the edge of the pad indicates your phone is charging. Phone must be screen side up so the back of the phone or case is in contact with the charger
  • Anti-slip surface: Bottom grips to ensure security on any flat surface

How to Use:

  1. Remove Wireless Pad and USB cable from the box.
  2. Place Wireless Pad in desired location on flat surface.
  3. Plug smaller end of USB cord into the Wireless Pad and the other end into your wall adapter or computer. The Wireless Pad must be plugged in in order to charge your device. The Wireless Pad is not rechargeable and does not hold a charge if unplugged. When the pad is plugged in, a blue light will appear to indicate the pad is powered.
  4. When ready to use, simply place your Qi-enabled phone in the center of the plugged in Wireless Pad. Make sure the phone is centered on the Wireless Pad so the blue LED light shows a solid ring. You may also check the display screen of your device to ensure the pad is charging your device.
  5. Phone must be placed screen side up so the back of your phone or phone case* is in contact with the charging pad. Your phone will not charge if the screen is placed onto the pad. If your screen is placed facing the pad, the blue LED light will blink indicating that it is not charging.
    *The Wireless Pad will charge your phone through most phone cases. If you have a thicker phone case or a metal plate used for magnetic car mounts, it may need to be removed in order to charge.
  6. When the phone reaches its desired charge, simply take it off of the charger!
  7. Leave pad plugged in for continued use throughout the day.



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