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Washed Canvas Dog Bed w/XOXO Pillow - Medium


This adorable dog bed is a size medium These canvas dog beds are durable and also features a two sided pillow that comes with a removable insert, perfect for cleaning! 

Size:  Medium | Dog Bed: 27" x 22" | Pillow: 24" x 17.5"


Care Instructions:

If your washing machine doesn’t gauge temperature, choose the highest setting to help kill as many germs as possible. And for pets with sensitive skin, opt for a natural detergent and an extra rinse cycle. Dry your pet’s bed at the highest possible temperature setting.

NOTE: Each piece in the Washed Canvas Collection is hand dyed, waxed and hand washed. Due to this process, color variation is intentional to give a unique aged and worn appearance that will only get better with time. They will have patches and markings of worn out colors as part of their look.

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