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The Little Book of Mushrooms

A beautifully illustrated guide to 75 of the most unique and fascinating mushrooms in the world, including interesting insight into their history, uses, and etymologies.

From sweet little toadstools to giant puffballs, mushrooms come in all shapes and sizes. With over 10,000 mushrooms in the world, some are cute and colorful, while others may look super adorable but are actually deadly. No matter the kind, it’s time to celebrate all types of mushrooms with The Little Book of Mushrooms.

This book is a collection of everything you need to know about 75 of the world’s most unique mushrooms. With information on their etymology, geographic location, characteristics, and culinary or healing powers, this book is the perfect companion for amateur mushroom hunters, cottage-core fans, or anyone just looking for a beautifully illustrated book on some of the most incredible fungi around the world.

Why We Love It:

“Mushrooms are amazing, but how do you know which cute little fungus will be a delicious addition to your dinner salad, and which will send you to the ER. With beautiful illustrations and at-a-glance stats for understanding exactly which mushroom is edible, where it grows, what it looks like, and more, this guide to mushrooms is the perfect companion for any mushroom lover.”

—Rachael T., Associate Editor, on Little Book of Mushrooms

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