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Pour Boys® Pour Spout

In true Crew fashion, we scrutinized every detail of this essential tool to create the perfect speed pourer for craft cocktail and coffee bars.

Unlike competitor spouts, Pour Boys® are designed to stay intact while being removed from snug or sticky bottlenecks—no more prying. Now available in 8 industry-friendly tones, these workhorses serve as a color-coded labeling system for better organization and increased efficiency. Engineered to pour at the optimal flow rate for speed and precision, our Pour Boys® are the last spouts you’ll ever buy. 


Hand-wash with warm, soapy water.


  • Fits snugly in most standard liquor bottles
  • Durable design for high performance and longevity
  • Soft, comfortable grip
  • Optimal flow-rate for cocktail bartending
  • Available in multiple colors for increased organization and ingredient identification
  • Smooth, consistent stream for precision pouring
  • Silicone dust caps included


Spout length: 41mm (1.6”)

Total length: 107mm (4.2”)

Diameter: 32mm (1.25”)



  • Durable, non-reactive stainless steel
  • FDA-approved TPE
  • Silicone