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French Lavender Sachet Set


A modern twist on the classic French lavender sachet makes these pouches our new favorite way to elevate the home.  Three classic styles wrapped in one gorgeous packaging: Sky Check, Sky Plaid, and Solid blue. All handcrafted.

Crafted from dead-stock fabric, our sachets are filled with high-grade lavender from Provence.

A removable insert means the outer pouch can live on with new lavender even after you've composted the previous lavender.

Put the smallest size in your linen closet (for mite prevention), gift the middle size to a friend, and toss the largest pillow on your couch of bed for tranquility and peace. 

Care Instructions:

To wash, remove the outer case and wash in cold water. Hang to dry then re-insert the inner pouch. 

If the scent begins to fade, simply squeeze the pouch to crush the lavender pods, releasing new scent.

You may heat these in the microwave if desired.