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French Harvesting Basket


These "harvesting baskets" are handcrafted in France by the last company to hold this unique know-how.

The quality of the materials and their implementation gives it exceptional durability, you can store them outside, on a balcony to put your aromatic plants there.

Whether for harvesting mushrooms, for fireplace logs, or simply to put fruits and vegetables in your kitchen, these baskets will find their place in your home.

MATERIAL: Harvesting basket, single-twist mesh. Galvanized wire. Beechwood handle. 

To be used outdoor for harvesting, picnics, outdoor activities, and at home for decoration and storage.

15 mm mesh

Made in France. As these products are hand-made, the dimensions advertised may vary slightly.


Since 1923, right in the land of menhirs and Celtic Fairies, in the heart of eternal Brittany, the Aert-Fil Company, perpetuates the tradition through the artisanal manufacture of iron mesh baskets. In Martigné-Ferchaud more precisely, near Rennes. There, Aude Aertgeerts develops a unique know-how that three generations passed on, adapting it to the needs and tastes of the time.

Now heading the Company, Aude is the heir to a difficult art that was thought forgotten: the weaving of the wire.

The braided iron basket was once used for all kinds of crops, especially the apple harvest for cider in Normandy. Hence its appellation of «Normand Basket »
A history of passion, a family history, a history of terroir. This basket of yesteryear is still entirely handmade, in her workshop, by Aude herself. A technique imported from Germany by her maternal grandfather, then transmitted to her father René Aertgeerts in 1976. She is alone now, but strong of this unique heritage, Aude perpetuates this profession which seemed destined to die.

For 3 generations now, from father to daughter, each basket is manufactured by hand, in several steps.

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