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Fragrance Oil + Stone


Ceramic stones are created in France and oils fragranced by master perfumers. To use, simply place a round stone on the top of a Lucid Pillar Candle. Apply 15 or so drops of oil onto stone. Light the candle and heat from the flame will release fragrance throughout your room. Add more fragrance oil as needed. Fragrance stones are interchangeable - change your mood, change your fragrance.

Package contains one round stone, 12 ml fragrance oil in a dropper bottle and a re-sealable Mylar pouch. Each fragrance oil bottle gives more than 40 hours of home fragrance. Ceramic stones are not consumed and can be safely disposed of when scent is depleted; they are biodegradable.

Rosemary & Eucalyptus: 

Rosemary, eucalyptus and lavender stand out in this invigorating blend of aromatics. Sage, green leaves and cedarwood add a counterbalance to the bright top notes, creating a refreshing balance.

Bourbon & Oak: 

Orange peel, clove bud and cinnamon bark mixed with hints of tobacco blossom, Italian leather and oak wood combine together for our twist on the classic Manhattan.


This unique mix of earthy woods, soft spices and sweet floral notes craft a distinct profile that is exotic, sweet, creamy, smooth and warm all at once.



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