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Creative Style | Liveable, Loveable spaces

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Unleash your creativity to design a home you love – a space that is distinctly yours and works in perfect harmony with your lifestyle.

Author Lizzie McGraw, the founder of interiors boutique Tumbleweed & Dandelion, has had the honor of designing many different styles of home for all kinds of people. She understands that, when designing a space, one should thoroughly understand the lives of its inhabitants. The creative process is fun and adventurous, though it takes patience, imagination and self-awareness to transform your home into your sanctuary. In Creative Style, Lizzie begins with the basics—textiles, furniture, and accessories—and then opens the doors to 12 of her inspiring interiors projects. They include her own 1920s cottage in California, which she has lovingly restored and furnished with fleamarket finds and upcycled vintage pieces. This once-neglected building is now light, airy and full of character—a testament to the power of creativity.


Throughout this memoir of her projects, McGraw provides an in-depth recollection of her approach to each [and] also sprinkles in design wisdom for readers who are tackling their own projects Cottages & Bungalows

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