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Philosophy for Busy People | Everything You Really Should Know

The major types of philosophical theory, ranging from ancient to modern days, broken down for the busy reader

Do you know your Aristotelianism or Asceticism from your Egalitarianism? No? Well this book will give you all the information you need to tell one from the other and impress your friends with the seeming depth of your knowledge. From happiness to politics and power, science, religion, and love—this compact and accessible primer captures the diverse moral and ethical arguments—and major theories—of Western Philosophy. In his warm and concise narrative, the author brings the great ancient and modern "thinkers" and their unique perspectives vividly to the page. This is a thought-provoking whistle-stop tour of established philosophical thinking and its continued relevance in our lives today. Jam packed with all the important ideas but at the same time highly accessible and informative, Philosophy for Busy People is perfect for those who enjoy thinking about the big questions in life.

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