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Vine Drinkware


Carefully crafted in Italy, Vine features a modern design with an incredibly long-lasting value that is just as beautiful to view as it is to drink with. It comes in all the essential sizes from tumbler to flute. Machine blown glass. Cut rim. 

Most of our glassware collections are made in Portugal and Europe where the glass industry is famous for its uniqueness and high-quality craftsmanship. The collections showcase a variety of methods such as machine-blown glass, pressed-glass, and mouthblownglass - a fascinating handmade process that ensures that each glass is unique. Perfect for daily use and easy to care for, the collections benefit from a casual look that adds a contemporary charm to any occasion.  

Dimensions: Water Glass  3"dia. x 8"H 16 oz | Wine Glass 2" dia. x 8"H 13 oz | Tumbler 3" dia. x 4"H 11 oz