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Copperplate Collection | Natural Pillar Candle


These three gorgeous candles feature three icons of nature! First, the Classic Bee etching is highlighted on the natural 4"pillar and was inspired by vintage publishing & ad illustrations.  The striking Stag etching graces our natural 6" pillar candle and similarly was inspired by vintage zoological illustrations. Lastly, a paragon of performance, this regal Thoroughbred stands on our natural 8" pillar and was inspired by stunning vintage animal illustrations. Each of these incredibly beautiful candles all the the warm glow of a real flame to highlight the illustration on it and throw soft light into the surrounding room. 


he warm glow of a real flame highlights the Stag and throws soft light into the surrounding room. The handsome Stag is a great addition to your decor by himself or grouped with other designs from our Copperplate Collection.

  • Everlasting, never drips, melts down or burns unevenly
  • Stag | 6 inches tall, 3 inch diameter
  • Burns 48 hours between refills with Lucid Liquid
  • Fits on platform or spike candle holders
  • Clean, easy and safe
  • Packaged in our signature Lucid gift box
  • Lucid Liquid sold separately from candles
  • Proudly made in the USA

How does it work?

1. Remove candle top
2. Fill with Lucid Liquid
3. Light wick and enjoy!

Are they fragrant?

Lucid Candles burn completely odorless but Lucid Fragrant Stones & Oil can be used with our pillar candles to bring wonderful aroma into your home.

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