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Do Something Funny Dice Set


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Break the ice and have some fun with these conversational dice. Prompts include: ‘What is the craziest thing you believed as a kid?’ ‘Have you ever seen anything in real life you couldn’t explain?’ ‘You found a Genie's bottle, what are your 3 wishes?’ A fun gift for a new homeowne or host/hostess.
  • Name 10 types of wine,
  • Sing your favorite song,
  • Give a toast,
  • Name 8 different cocktails,
  • Describe what you've done today,
  • Name 5 different brands of beer;
  • While standing on one foot,
  • With a British accent,
  • While looking very surprised,
  • While only making animal noises,
  • With a southern drawl,
  • Like you're terrified; And
  • Jiggling your eyebrows,
  • Without blinking,
  • While blowing kisses,
  • Without ever closing your mouth, and
  • In circles spinning,
  • Worlds biggest smile.
Dimensions:   2" Square

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