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Glass Milk Jar


Add a charming touch to your tables capes with this adorable glass milk bottle. With its trendy square shape and a cork top, this bottle is perfect for holding a variety of liquids, adding aesthetic value to your displays! Whether  used for individual beverages or to serve cream, dressings, or syrups, this bottle is certain to add to the ambiance of your rustic bar, breakfast cafe, or outdoor event.

Featuring durable glass construction with a solid base and a thick, tapered mouth, this bottle is sure to provide long-lasting use at all your events. The exceptional clarity of the bottle keeps contents fully visible for the viewing pleasure of your guests and ensures you know when a guest needs to be topped off. The airtight cork top keeps your product fresh and free of contaminants as well as helps to preserve the freshness of beverages, which is especially helpful when being used at outdoor events.

Dimensions: 11.75 oz. | 2-1/2" dia.  x 6-3/4" H

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