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Milagro Feather Card


These beautiful cards can be used not only to send someone well wishes, but also to send love and a small reminder to a significant other, parent, child or friend. 

Each card comes with this blessing:

"Please take this milagro, aso known as a litte miracle or offering, and put it in your home or carry it with you. The heart miagro represents ove, healing, and gratitude. May you aways have these blessings in abundance."

Avalible quotes:

  • If You Want To Fly -Toni Morrison "If You Want To Fly, Give Up Everything That Weighs You Down. -Toni Morrison"
  • May You Travel Through Life "May You Travel Through Life On The Wings Of Angels."
  • I Believe -Gustave Flaubert "I Believe That If One Always Looked At The Skies, One Would End Up With Wings. -Gustave Flaubert"
  • She Flies With Her Own Wings. "She Flies With Her Own Wings."
  • Hope Is The Thing -Emily Dickinson "Hope Is The Thing With Feathers That Perches In The Soul. -Emily Dickinson"
  • Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near. "Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near."
  • Just Think -Peter Pan "Just Think Of Happy Thoughts And You'll Fly. -Peter Pan"
  • What If I Fall? -Erin Hanson "What If I Fall? Oh, But My Darling, What If You Fly? -Erin Hanson"
  • Your Wings Already Exist, All You Have To Do Is Fly. "Your Wings Already Exist, All You Have To Do Is Fly."
  • This Sky - Hafiz "This sky where we live is no place to lose your wings so love,love, love. -Hafiz"

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