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Mason Cash | Hachoir Pizza Cutter


The Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen range offers smart solutions for kitchen needs. The rounded blade of the pizza cutter enables you to cut pizza and flat breads, as well as chop ingredients, such as dough, vegetables and herbs easily by rocking back and forth. The cutter also comes with a safety guard for the blade for safe storage in the home.  The stainless steel blade also features precision cut holes for measuring one or two portions of spaghetti and a series of holes for stripping herbs. To strip herbs, simply choose the correct diameter hole for the herbs and pull the herbs through from the top of their stalk.

Dimensions: 13.8"L x 4.7”W x 1”H

Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen Bench Scraper Features:

  • Multipurpose bench scraper is designed for kitchen efficiency
  • Cleans worktops
  • Measures pastry and pasta dough
  • Cuts and scoops dough
  • Includes multi-size herb stripper to easily remove herb leaves from their stalks
  • Offset design makes scooping and transferring ingredients easy and comfortable
  • Real wood handle
  • Hand wash

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