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Mason Cash | Innovative Kitchen | Set of 3 Measuring Cups


The Innovative Kitchen collection from Mason Cash takes inspiration from the professional baker to deliver smart solutions for day-to-day kitchen tasks. Each item within the range boasts a modern twist on a traditional function that brings-about increased efficiency and improved performance. Whether it’s a tilting mixing bowl that aids stirring and whisking, a pudding basin with a removable airtight lid, a rolling pin that also dispenses flour or an egg store with a raised central hub that prevents the need to crack them on your much-loved pans, the Innovative Kitchen collection has been thoughtfully designed and executed so that cooking and baking is both easier and more enjoyable. The range is also complemented by an ingenious assortment of beech wood utensils that enable multiple tasks to be performed with a single hand and tool. For example, the ever-valuable slotted turner features a rack grabber within the handle so that hot oven shelves can be pulled and pushed without the need for oven gloves. The essential balloon whisk doubles-up as a reamer for extracting flavoursome juice from lemons, limes and more. The multi-function spatula contains a shaped silicone rear that is perfect for scraping awkward-to-reach jam from glass jars.

Dimensions: 4.72" x 4.72" x 3.54"


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