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Fine Candles | Victoria Sweet


You'll love this new Victoria Sweet boxed set including: 8 fine khaki candles, 6 linen candles and 6 ecru candles.

Maison Pechavy offers you these French-made candles. Our collaboration with one of France's last remaining candle makers enables us to offer you the very best in handmade candles. The Ciergerie des Prémontrés is a certified "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (Living Heritage Company) and works to maintain ancestral craft practices.

These handcrafted candles, which taper towards the top, are made using the "plunge" method. Artisan waxmakers place a cotton wick on a wooden rod, which is then attached to a frame that is dipped in wax. By sprinkling color pigments into the hot wax, the craftsmen create elegantly colored candles.

The soft colors of this Victoria Sweet candle set create a chic, welcoming decor. You can also combine it with another set of fine colored candles. To make the most of your decorative candles, match them with Maison Pechavy's made-to-measure candleholders.

The wood and brass candleholder collection or one of the solid brass candleholder collections, FOLIES or VICTORIA, give you the opportunity to create the decoration of your dreams.

If you'd like to enjoy the glow of your handcrafted candles in the open air, opt for our collection of candle holders. Perfect for protecting the flame from draughts while creating a decorative ambiance. To enjoy your candle longer, place it in the fridge 30 minutes before burning. The cold will compact your candle, so it burns more slowly and won't drip.


- Bundle of 20 fine candles: 6 linen, 6 ecru and 8 khaki, an exclusive colour for Maison Pechavy

- Height 30cm, between 0.8 and 1cm base diameter.

- Made in Provence by an EPV-labeled company (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant)

- Burning time: 2h30 to 3h

Decorate your home with these fine, colourful candles to add a touch of light and freshness.

If the base of the candle is too wide, just make a small incision at the base (to remove the first layer of wax) to position it correctly in the candleholder. If the base of the candle is too thin, you can use a piece of paper to wedge it in place.

To optimise the use of your candles, place them in the fridge 30 minutes before burning.

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