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B Bois | S/S Slotted Spatula w/Wood Handle


The stonewashed stainless-steel, B Bois Slotted Spatula offers a vintage inspired look with contemporary functionality. Designed to withstand high temperatures, you can rely on the slotted blade to drain excess liquid and achieve the perfect moisture while cooking meat, vegetables, fish and beyond. The natural, beechwood handle offers a comfortable grip that is cool to the touch. This elegant spatula will hang beautifully alongside your B Bois collection. Ideal for frying, flipping, turning, transferring and serving from stovetops, pans and grills. Perfect for lifting hot foods while draining excess liquid.

Dimensions: 13.8"L x 3.1"W

Use + Care

Ideal for use with all types of pans except nonstick
• Handwash with soap and water
• Dry thoroughly

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