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50s Retro Style Tritan Renew Updated Milk Frother


Italian-based SMEG is known for its '50s retro-look appliances designed in collaboration with some of the world's top architects.

You don’t need to leave home to start your day with the perfect latte macchiato. The new and improved SMEG Tritan Renew Milk Frother in Black makes it easy to create all your favorite drinks! This updated version of the 50s Style Milk Frother comes with professional Tritan Renew plastics, made from 50% recycled plastic for a much more durable and sustainable material. With 7 program selections and the ability to create hot or cold frothed milk, this frother is a high-performance wonder in one beautiful, retro package. With it, you can create pretty much any drink, from foamy lattes to hot chocolate to frothed iced coffee. What really sets this milk frother apart (other than its stunning retro vibe), are the 7 frothing options:

  • Hot Chocolate - And we’re not just talking about the kind that starts with a powdered mix. Add milk and chocolate pieces to your SMEG frother and in a few minutes, you’ll be enjoying a rich, authentic hot chocolate
  • Hot Milk - No flat white or café au lait would be complete without steamed milk
  • Hot Milk with Light Froth - If you prefer a latte or cappuccino with a strong coffee flavor, opt for a light froth
  • Hot Milk with Thick Froth - When you want a nice, thick layer of foam on your cappuccino or cafe breve, choose this option
  • Cold Milk with Light Froth - A light layer of cold milk foam on an iced coffee is perfect on a warm morning
  • Cold Milk with Thick Froth - You can’t go wrong with a thick layer of foam on your cold brew or blonde iced cappuccino
  • Manual - Want something between light and thick froth? Choose the manual option and select a hot or cold cycle. You can also use the manual setting for making specialty drinks, like infusions, chai, and soluble hot drinks such as barley coffee.

When you’re craving a coffeehouse drink, you only have to travel to your kitchen with the SMEG Milk Frother! Bring it home and you’ll enjoy all the delicious options, plus the statement-making 50’s retro design.

SMEG Tritan Renew Milk Frother (Black) Features:

  • Made from stainless steel and Tritan Renew plastics
  • 7 Frothing Options: Hot Milk, Hot Light Froth, Hot with Thick Froth, Cold with Light Froth, Cold with Thick Froth, Hot Chocolate, Manual
  • Induction Heating System
  • Includes Notched Whisk (for Hot and Cold Froth or Hot Chocolate) and Flat Whisk (for Hot Milk)
  • Removable Stainless Steel Jug with Tritan™ Lid with Measuring Cup
  • Backlit Start/Stop Button
  • Jug is Dishwasher Safe
  • Jug Capacity: 20 oz When Heating Milk | 8.5 oz When Frothing
  • Built-In Cord Wrap
  • Anti-Slip Feet
  • Specifications: 9.9” High x 5.6” Wide x 7.25” Deep | 3.9 Lbs | 500 Watts

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