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Chef's Soap


Gently cleanse hands with etúHOME Chef's Soap. Made with organic coffee grounds and essential oils, it lathers strong and rinses clean without drying hands. A proper chef will rewash their hands multiple times throughout meal prep - this gentle soap ensures that hands stay moisturized. Leave the kitchen feeling fresh with the subtle scent of rosemary and sage.

  • Ingredients: Saponified Organic Oils (Olive, Coconut, Flaxseed, Shea Butter), Organic Ground Coffee, and a Blend of Essential Oils
  • 4oz
Weight: 0.5 lb
Length: 3.25 inches
Width: 1 inches
Height: 2.5 inches

Hand Made

This is created by hand. It demonstrates the unique skill of the artisan in a world of mass production.