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Toysmith's mission is to supply quality toys and gifts while delivering superior customer service to retailers. We offer products in many key categories including: active play, science & discovery, arts & crafts, impulse & novelty toys, and nostalgic retro classics! Since our inception in 1981 our owners, Bill and Nancy Smith, have worked very diligently to grow from a small family business, shipping from their garage, to a large office complex and distribution center that stocks and ships over 1,600 products to more than 6000 accounts. However, our philosophy remains the same: maintaining a strong family work environment while offering the best selection and quality of products together with the highest standards of service to all our customers.

Bounce Putty: "Bouncy, stretchy fun. It's a wacky putty that bounces like a ball. Assorted colors. 5 yrs and older

Ink-a-doo Pens: This perennial best-seller includes six skin safe shimmery tattoo pens and three stencil sheets. 6 yrs and older

Lizard Squishimal: Fun & squishy! Kids love them!

Turtle Squishimal: Fun & squishy! Kids love them!

Triple Layer Putty: Three layers of 4.5 oz of putty fun in 2.5" jars. 4.5 oz. Assorted colors. 5 yrs and older

Two-color Test Tube Slime: Assorted 5.5" test tubes filled with two colors of slime, 1.3oz. Assorted colors. 5 yrs and older

Pinky Ball: This 2.5" solid latex rubber ball looks, feels and bounces like the original Pinky Ball. 3 yrs or older.

Hi-Bounce Stickball: Classic 2.25" hollow latex rubber balls. Assorted colors. 3 yrs and older 

Pulled Pork: 3.5" sand filled stretchy pig.

Jacob's Ladder: An ancient toy featuring optical illusion and hands on fun that never grows old. Made of 2" wood blocks and colorful ribbon. 5 yrs and older 

Wind-Up Diver: Watch as this 7.5" diver makes his way from one end of the bath to the other. 18 mos or older

Mood Mudd: Soft dough that changes color from the heat of your hands. 4oz. reusable container. Assorted colors. 5 yrs or older

Color Change Butter Dough: Buttery smooth and stretchy, this temperature sensitive dough changes colors. 3.75 oz Assorted colors. 5 yrs and older

Water Arcade Games: This evergreen game continues to entertain. Add water and push the buttons to score. Measures 3.25" tall. Assortment includes basketball and fishing in assorted colors. 5 yrs and older

Mars Mud: Marbled Mars Mud stretches and bounces. Makes great noises too. Each container is 3"tall and 2.25" diameter. Assorted colors. 5yrs and older

Wonder Bubbles: 8 oz. Wonder Bubbles. Assorted bottle colors. 3 yrs and older

Jazzy Jingles: Each colorful 9.25" nylon band features a strong hook and loop closure. Fun, over-sized bells are securely riveted to the strap. Assorted colors. 3 yrs and older

Magnetic Go Fishing: These slim compact games are the perfect travel companion. Each 5.5" tin is self-contained and includes all game pieces needed for play. 6 yrs and older

Grow Unicorn: Eye-catching, product-themed packaging is a signature Toysmith for our popular grow line. Add water and watch the magic as a unicorn emerges as it grows. 3.25" x 4" box. 5 yrs and older

Fling Zing: A 9 foot roll of paper on a 7" plastic stick. Extends with a flick of the wrist. Assorted designs. 5 yrs and older

Whoopee Cushion: A classic noisemaker measuring 7.5" diameter. 3 yrs and older 

Precious Ponies: Hair play ponies in a precious 2.5" size. Each comes with a brush or comb. Assorted colors and styles. 3 yrs and older 

Jumbo Suction Ball: A bouncy, 3.25" light up ball made of suction cups that stick to flat surfaces. 3 yrs and older 


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