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Stovetop Simmer | “Buzz, Buzz, Buzz"


EARTHY | SPICED | COMPLEX "Buzz, Buzz, Buzz"

WARNING: Product has been known to transport you to a picturesque balcony in Europe with just one whiff. Coffee lovers and more will enjoy the smells of coffee beans, cardamom and layers of cinnamon and all spice -- all packed into a simple and clean 16oz glass jar.

INGREDIENTS: coffee beans, cardamom, star anise, cinnamon, all spice berries Our sustainable simmer jars are hand selected and filled as part of our plastic free, zero waste grocery in Montclair, NJ.

INSTRUCTIONS: Simply pour the contents of the jar into a pot of water and simmer on low. Reuse the contents up to 3 times. When finished, compost the contents and repurpose or refill the jar when finished with any items of your choice!

All jars ship in reused materials and FREE OF PLASTIC PACKAGING.

Pine | Stovetop Potpourri | Coffee Gifts | Plastic Free | Springtime NOT FOR CONSUMPTION.