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Mineral B Carbon Steel Fry Pan w/ 2 Handles


The Mineral B Fry Pan is made of carbon steel - 99% iron and 1% carbon, the most natural cooking material praised by Chefs around the world. Lighter than cast iron and more heat conductive than stainless steel, this fry pan becomes naturally non-stick after seasoning, without any chemicals or synthetic coating, and gets better the more you use it. Perfect for searing your favorite fillet or folding a French Omelette, you will find yourself reaching for this fry pan every time you are in the kitchen. Try using the 12.5" pan to simmer a sauce for a delicious homemade pasta dish. With a cooking surface of 9", the 12.5" fry pan is the ideal size for frying bacon strips, making one-pan meals, or cooking large amounts of food without overflowing or overcrowding. Perfect when you're cooking a meal for 4-6 people.
Use the 14" pan to evenly cook some ground beef for a meat sauce or nachos! With a cooking surface of 10.25", the 14" fry pan is the ideal size for cooking ground meats evenly, or cooking large amounts of food without overcrowding the pan. Perfect when you're cooking a meal for 8 people.
     Body: Iron 99%, Carbon 1%
     Handle: Epoxy Coated Steel Handle
    Finish: Beeswax Coating
    Handle Fixing: Riveted

    Diameter: 12.5" | 
    Cooking Surface: 9" | 10.25"
    Weight: 5.8lbs | 7.8 lbs
    Thickness: 3mm

     Seasoning Required: YES
     Oven Safe: YES (Flash Use Only*)
    Heat Source: Gas, Induction, Electric


    *Flash Use - Less than 400℉ and less than 10 minutes




Use + Care

Follow our instructions on first use to wash off the beeswax and season the pan. Handwash only, avoid harsh soaps and materials that will strip the seasoning. Use on low to medium heat.

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