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8" Chef's Knife by Wolf Gourmet


  • For many cooks, the chef’s knife is not only the primary knife but also the most essential cooking tool, as its wide blade chops, cuts, smashes, and scoops up food. You’ll reach for the Wolf Gourmet 8” chef’s knife for everything, from portioning large cuts of meat to chopping the finest chiffonade of basil.

    Using the right knife can make a world of difference, whether you are a seasoned pro or developing new skills. Wolf Gourmet’s collection of knives are among the sharpest, most durable knives in the world thanks to a blend of high-end materials, thoughtful design and German craftsmanship.

    Razor Sharp

    Wolf Gourmet’s signature stainless steel features excellent edge performance, hardness and corrosion resistance thanks to its unique chemical composition. Though it’s a superior material, few others are willing to invest the time and effort into forging a knife from this particular metal, making the razor-sharp, long-lasting 12.5 degree edge uniquely Wolf Gourmet.

  • THE MOST VERSATILE KITCHEN KNIFE. The knife’s wide blade chops, cuts, smashes, and scoops up food, making it a tool you’ll reach for daily.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN SEE AND FEEL.Wolf Gourmet knives converge modern materials with master craftsmanship to ensure a premium fit, finish and feel.
  • UNMATCHED DURABILITY. Each knife is created from a single piece of revolutionary stainless steel, forged into a full-tang blade,then triple-riveted to the Pakka wood handle.
  • EXCEPTIONAL PRECISION AND CONTROL. Knife fits securely in the right or left hand, no matter what kind of grip you prefer to use.
  • RAZOR SHARP. The razor-sharp 12.5 degree edge is uniquely Wolf Gourmet, since our signature stainless steel allows us to achieve excellent edge performance, hardness and corrosion resistance.
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