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John Boos & Co. - Chop 'N' Slice Collection


In 1887, Effingham, Illinois blacksmith Conrad Boos used a Sycamore tree placed on three legs while hammering horseshoes. Three years later, a local butcher realized a wooden Boos Block could be used for cutting meat, and had one custom made. Word spread to surrounding small towns and cities and by 1911, John Boos & Co was shipping custom butcher blocks from coast to coast. Throughout the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, John Boos expanded their production and product range to include tables and workbenches, the majority of which went to the war effort during WWII. By the 1940s, John Boos had earned their outstanding reputation for quality and craftsmanship, and John Boos butcher blocks were found in every restaurant, food store and butcher shop in America. Today, the traditional craftsmen work ethic is still alive and well at John Boos, where all boards and butcher blocks are still proudly manufactured in Effingham, Illinois. Often imitated, John Boos boards and blocks are favorites of professional chefs and can be found in restaurants and commercial settings wJohn Boos’ Hardwood foresters follow professional best practices that mirror natural forces. Individual trees are selected for harvest, encouraging forests to renew and regenerate themselves naturally and prolifically. John Boos & Co. recycles 95% of all raw lumber scraps and sawdust which are used to generate electricity and create steam to fuel the boilers. John Boos sawdust is also recycled as livestock bedding for local agricultural needs.

With over 125 years of adaptation to the markets, John Boos & Co. has become a primary provider of gourmet products and foodservice equipment throughout the industry. Made in the USA: Each John Boos Butcher Block and Cutting Board is proudly made in Effingham, Illinois by skilled craftspeople using time honored techniques since 1887.

Boos Chop-N-Slice Collection boards are lightweight, easy to lift and store. John Boos Block  Chop-N-Slice cutting boards available  in three sizes:  20" x 15" 1" | 18"x 12" x 1.25" | 16 "x 10"  x 1".


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